For Children and Young People

Seeing and Art-Play Activities
Sprengel Museum HannoverSprengel Museum Hannover
The Children's Forum offers children (from pre-school age on) afternoon, weekend and holiday activities in which they creatively interact with art through all manner of hands-on playfulness. The fee for these courses is 16 €.
There are also special exhibitions for children offering a sensual, narrative-driven approach to art, making it easier for the young to discover and observe, try things out and create...
The “Kids together” programme makes it possible to stage children's birthday parties and other celebrations at the museum within the framework of Art-Play activities. Fee: 85 €.

Workshops for Young People
These workshops for young people concentrate on specific themes or artistic processes, such as photography, while keeping the forms of expression common to youth today in mind.

For further information or to register, please contact:
Petra Sollorz
Tel.:+49 (0511) 168 – 4 46 46

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Children and Young People
Children and Young People