Outlawed but Traded. Doubts About the Doebbeke Collection: From Corinth to Kirchner

17. July 2019 – 17. November 2019
Sprengel Museum HannoverSprengel Museum Hannover
Where do the works of art in our collections come from? Who were their previous owners? 20 years after the signing of the Washington Principles, the exhibition aims to shed light on the detective work of provenance research and provide insight into the findings and the collection’s history. On the basis of about 60 works, the show illuminates trading routes and identifies previous owners from the National Socialist era and after 1945, when the museums of the City of Hannover replenished their collections, decimated by the ‘Degenerate Art’ campaign in 1937 and by wartime destruction, with new acquisitions. The issue of the works’ origins was not consistently pursued at the time. The exhibition aims to examine the fates of Jewish victims disenfranchised during National Socialism, who were persecuted under National Socialist legislation, driven into emigration or deported and murdered.

The exhibition focuses on research into the hitherto unknown collector, the Berlin estate agent Dr Conrad Doebbeke (1889 – 1954), from whom the Land capital Hannover purchased over 100 works of art in 1949.

Opening: Tuesday, 16.7.2019, 6.30 p.m.

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