Kurt Schwitters’ Catalogue raisonné

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The index of Kurt Schwitters artistic works comprises three volumes detailing his entire abstract oeuvre, his representational paintings and drawings and echoing the fact that Schwitters, throughout his life, worked on both abstract as well as representational art.

In autumn 2000, volume 1 was published, and included an inventory of his early works while still at school as well as those later from 1905 at the art academy. This period was followed by one of experimentation with different styles until 1919 when Kurt Schwitters found his own, personal approach to making art, known as “Merz“. It also has the years until 1922 during which he further developed the notion of “Merz“.

Volume 2, which appeared in early 2003, continues from volume 1, and examines Schwitters’ period considering international Constructivism from 1923, and concludes with works realised in the 1930s up to the time Schwitters’ was forced into exile in early 1937.

Works realised during his period in exile in both Norway and in England and until his death in 1948 are in the last volume of the catalogue raisonné, which appeared in the spring of 2006.
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